Aviceda Therapeutics is a biotech company focused on the next generation of glyco-immune therapeutics utilizing the Glyco-Code technology platform to address the innate immune system and chronic non-resolving inflammation.

Aviceda has assembled a world-class, cross-disciplinary team of recognized scientists, clinicians, and drug developers to tackle devastating ocular and systemic degenerative, fibrotic, and immuno-inflammatory diseases.


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The Aviceda team is comprised of world-class leaders in clinical sciences, drug discovery, drug development, clinical research, and finance to deliver disruptive, first-in-class therapeutics to a wide range of disease states.

Mohamed Genead photo
Mohamed Genead, MD
Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman
Derek Kunimoto photo
Derek Kunimoto, MD, JD
Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer
Michael Tolentino photo
Michael Tolentino, MD
Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer
Christopher Scott photo
Christopher Scott, PhD
Scientific Co-Founder
Mohamed Genead photo
Mohamed A. Genead, MD
Chris Adams photo
Chris Adams, PhD, MBA
Nancy Thomason photo
Nancy Thomason
Derek Kunimoto photo
Derek Kunimoto, MD, JD
Michael Tolentino photo
Michael Tolentino, MD
Pamela Stanley photo
Pamela Stanley, PhD
Chair of Scientific Board
Ajit Varki photo
Ajit Varki, MD
Senior Scientific Advisor
Christopher Scott photo
Christopher Scott, PhD
Geert-Jan Boons photo
Geert-Jan Boons, PhD
Peng Wu photo
Peng Wu, PhD
Carl Regillo photo
Carl Regillo, MD
Jeffrey Heier photo
Jeffrey Heier, MD
David S. Boyer photo
David S. Boyer, MD


Most all cells in the human body are coated with a complex layer of sugars called the glycocalyx, playing an important role in the regulation of immune processes. In addition, pathogens express specific sugar patterns on their surfaces, permitting the recognition and removal of foreign invaders by our immune system. The sugars possess diverse composition and structure that yield unique patterns, or codes. We call this collection of sugar codes the Glyco-Code®. By sensing distinct sugar codes, the cells of the innate immune system can differentiate self from non-self and regulate the appropriate immune response. However, if the sugar code becomes disrupted, dysregulation of the immune response often ensues, leading to immune-inflammatory and degenerative diseases.

The study of the biological role that these sugar patterns play is known as glycobiology, and more specifically, the study of how these sugar patterns modulate the immune system is termed glycoimmunology. Scientists have long understood the importance of sugar patterns, as they are essential to the function of vaccines, viral infections and blood typing, among many other important areas of medicine. Innovations in technology for studying glycobiology and characterizing glycans has driven a renaissance in the field of glycoimmunology. Notable developments that have contributed to the expansion of glycobiology include advanced mass spectrometry, development of lectins and glycan-specific antibodies arrays, and new techniques for synthesis and chemical modification of glycans (known as glycochemistry).

Aviceda Therapeutics is taking advantage of the burgeoning field of glycoimmunology by leveraging the Glyco-Code® to create the new wave of glyco-immune therapeutics.


At Aviceda, we exploit a unique family of receptors found differentially expressed on all innate immune cells along with their associated glycobiological interactions to produce first-in-class and best-in-class medicines. These receptors provide a universal combination of immune switches, which can turn-on or turn-off innate immune-driven inflammatory activity. Leveraging our pioneering understanding of the Glyco-Code® and its relationship with the innate immune system, we can now harness this powerful biology to modulate the inflammatory processes of disease. By manipulating the Glyco-Code® we are working to build a novel class of Glyco-immune Checkpoint Therapeutics (GCTs) that target dysregulated innate immune pathways.


A combination of cutting-edge technologies and deep biological insights form Aviceda’s engine of transformative product creation. Aviceda has combined the power of our glycobiology and glycochemistry platform with our proprietary nanoparticle technology to engineer transformative disease modifying medicines. Using our cell-based high-throughput screening (HTS) platform, we can rapidly screen, select, and optimize ligands based on maximum affinity and specificity for each different type of innate immune cell. Optimized ligands are tethered to our modular biodegradable nanoparticles using high precision conjugation chemistry to form biologically stable linkages. Our GCT nanoparticles are designed for optimal therapeutic durability and maximum therapeutic efficacy while utilizing the most effective route of administration.

Aviceda’s platform is highly adaptable, enabling the development of a broad spectrum of therapeutics for immuno-inflammatory indications with large unmet medical needs.


Aviceda is a science-focused, innovative biotech company developing an innovative GCT nanoparticle platform, which takes advantage of the Glyco-Code® to target the dysregulated innate immune response. Based on the disease-specific Glyco-Code®, we can engineer optimized GCTs that specifically and profoundly regulate the innate inflammatory response.

Aviceda’s strategy is based on the modulation of innate immune cells, boosting or dampening the immune response - as opposed to other approaches that rely on the depletion of the immune cells. Furthermore, while most other innate immune-targeted therapeutic modalities risk life threatening immunogenic reactions, Aviceda’s platform inherently mitigates damage associated molecular pattern (DAMP)-like activity, conferring a satisfactory safety profile from the start.

Aviceda’s powerful potential is rooted in our world-class and cross-disciplinary team, a requisite for merging innovative technologies and foundational biology to achieve transformative therapeutic potential. Our goal is to monopolize glyco-immunology and the glyco-immune checkpoint therapeutics space with a focus on immune-inflammatory, degenerative, and age-related diseases.

Therapeutic Applications

Disease driven by dysregulation of the innate immune-inflammatory response is frequently a result of the same chronically activated, non-resolving cellular and non-cellular innate immune pathways. By unraveling the universal functionality of the Glyco-Code® and accessing the corresponding glyco-immune checkpoints, Aviceda can address a wide range of ocular, immune-inflammatory, degenerative, and fibrotic diseases with significant unmet medical needs. See our pipeline below for more information on the progress of our therapeutic development programs.


Ophthalmology Indication Phase
AVD-104 (Agonist NP) Dry AMD IND Readiness
AVD-201 (Agonist NP) Retina Fibrosis (PVR) Optimization
AVD-302 (Agonist NP) Diabetic Retinopathy Optimization
AVD-401 (Nanoceria) Retinoblastoma Discovery
Oncology Indication Phase
AVD-601 (Antagonist NP) Lung Cancer Discovery
AVD-701 (Pan antagonist NP) Solid Tumors Preclinical
Fibrosis Indication Phase
AVD-1001 (Agonist NP) Liver Preclinical
AVD-901 (Agonist Inhalational NP) Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Preclinical
AVD-1030 (Agonist NP) Cardiac Discovery
Neurology Indication Phase
AVD-801 (Not disclosed) Neuro inflammation / degeneration Discovery
Immunology Indication Phase
AVD-1010 (Agonist NP) Pulmonology (ARDS) Optimization
AVD-1020 (Agonist NP) Anti-Viral Discovery
AVD-501 (Agonist NP) Autoimmune Discovery


Aviceda Therapeutics is building a world-class team of people dedicated to the discovery and development of novel drugs to treat patients with life threatening diseases. We seek highly motivated individuals who enjoy working in a collaborative atmosphere and a goal-oriented environment.


Aviceda Therapeutics is an equal opportunity employer offering competitive cash and stock compensation, excellent employee benefits and the opportunity for personal and professional growth in an outstanding and intellectually challenging environment.


Aviceda is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts with research partnership sites in San Diego, San Francisco, Raleigh-Durham, Belfast, and Orlando.

Aviceda Therapeutics Headquarter
One Broadway, 14th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142
+1 617.332.0741
Aviceda Therapeutics Lab
700 Main Street, North
Cambridge, MA 02139
+1 617.863.3650