January 2021

businesswire.com 01.11.2021
Aviceda Therapeutics Announces Formation of Executive Team

Aviceda has assembled a renowned team of scientific entrepreneurs and biopharma senior executives to spearhead ongoing development efforts of pipeline candidates and help the company continue to explore growth opportunities.

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December 2020

Aviceda™ LinkedIn 12.22.2020

Meet Ashoka Madduri Ph.D, Senior Director Corporate Strategy and Business Development. He brings expertise in advising start-ups on corporate strategy, analysis for disease/drug development platforms, forging strategic alliances, raising capital and determining go-to-market pathways, helping companies further their innovation capabilities.

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Aviceda™ LinkedIn 12.17.2020

Aviceda Therapeutics is proud to announce that Professor Yvette van Kooyk, a world-renowned glyco-immunologist and part of our Scientific Advisory Board, has been awarded the 2020 Spinoza Prize for her research in the field of immunology.

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Aviceda™ LinkedIn 12.14.2020

Meet Michael Tolentino, MD, Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Tolentino has been very active in the clinical research of retinal diseases, acting as Principal Investigator in over 150 global clinical trials that led to multiple global approval for retina therapeutics.

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Aviceda™ LinkedIn 12.10.2020

Watch Derek Kunimoto, MD, JD, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, discuss Aviceda’s disruptive technology and the company’s progress toward an effective dry AMD treatment in OSN’s Healio Video Perspective from #AAO2020.

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Aviceda™ LinkedIn 12.04.2020

Aviceda Therapeutics’ Director of Research & Development, Anitha Krishnan, Ph.D, co-authored a recently published paper titled “Reprogramming to recover youthful epigenetic information and restore vision” for the multidisciplinary science journal, "nature."

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November 2020

Aviceda™ LinkedIn 11.30.2020

Aviceda Ophthalmics presented at OIS Retina Innovation. Watch their presentation sharing data on their next generation of glyco-immune therapeutics (GIT's) in the pipeline and more.

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Aviceda™ LinkedIn 11.19.2020

We are proud to honor our incredible team. Meet Derek Kunimoto, MD, JD, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, of Aviceda Therapeutics. He is recognized as a top retinal specialist for his extensive experience in the clinical research of retinal diseases and as the Managing Partner of Retinal Consultants of Arizona.

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Aviceda™ LinkedIn 11.16.2020

Aviceda Ophthalmics, a subsidiary of Aviceda Therapeutics is dedicated to developing novel breakthrough therapeutics to cure patients with macular degeneration.

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Aviceda™ News 11.12.2020
VIDEO: Aviceda Therapeutics outlines progress toward dry AMD treatment

In this Healio Video Perspective from the virtual Eyecelerator conference, Derek Kunimoto, MD, JD, co-founder and chief operating officer of Aviceda Therapeutics, speaks on the company’s progress toward an effective dry AMD treatment.

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Aviceda™ LinkedIn 11.10.2020

Aviceda Therapeutics is proud to announce that Dr. Ajit Varki, Chief Scientist and Co-Chair of the Scientific & Clinical Advisory Board, has been awarded the 2020 Rosalind Kornfeld Award for Lifetime Achievement in Glycobiology.

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Aviceda™ LinkedIn 11.08.2020

Join Aviceda Therapeutics and Mike Tolentino, MD, CTO, Co-Founder at AAO 2020 Virtual to learn how Aviceda is harnessing the power of glycobiology to build the next generation immunomodulators. November 13, 2020.

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Aviceda™ LinkedIn 11.05.2020

Aviceda Ophthalmics, sponsor of Eyecelerator 2020, invites you to join Derek Kunimoto, MD, JD, COO and members of our executive team for a virtual breakout session for an update on Aviceda Ophthalmics’ pipeline progress. Nov. 6, 12:32 to 12:52 p.m.

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October 2020

businesswire.com 10.27.2020
Aviceda Therapeutics Announces Formation of Scientific Advisory Board

An internationally renowned group of scientists, researchers and clinicians will work with Aviceda’s in-house team to spearhead development of the next generation of glyco-immune therapeutics.

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Aviceda™ LinkedIn 10.22.2020

Join us on October 28-29th for the Dry AMD Therapeutic Development Conference. Aviceda Therapeutic’s Director of Research & Development, Anitha Krishnan, Ph.D, will be presenting during this virtual event.

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Aviceda™ News 10.15.2020
Utilizing the Glyco-Code technology platform, Aviceda Therapeutics is on the path to develop next generation of glyco-immune therapeutics

Platform technologies are known for having the ability to significantly improve the current product and generate a completely novel product. This, in turn, leads up to the opening of new avenues for drug development and discoveries, potentially increasing the therapeutic options for patients.

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Aviceda™ LinkedIn 10.09.2020

Join us on October 13-15th for the 4th Annual Complement-based Drug Development Summit 2020. Aviceda Therapeutics’s Director of Research & Development, Anitha Krishnan, Ph.D, will be presenting during this 100% digital event.

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September 2020

businesswire.com 09.15.2020
Aviceda Therapeutics Appoints Biopharma and Business Veterans Chris Adams, PhD, MBA, and Nancy K. Thomason, MBA to its Board of Directors

“Chris and Nancy will add significant value to our world-class, cross-disciplinary team and scientific advisory board and will help continue the progress we..." said Mohamed A. Genead, MD, Chairman & CEO of Aviceda Therapeutics.

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Aviceda™ LinkedIn 09.09.2020

Aviceda Therapeutics is proud to have signed MassBio's Open Letter 2.0 - The CEO Pledge for a More Equitable & Inclusive Life Sciences Industry.

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July 2020

Aviceda™ News 07.30.2020
ASRS 2020: What Aviceda’s lead candidate AVD-104 may mean for dry AMD

Aviceda Therapeutics' portfolio company, Aviceda Ophthalmics own Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder Derek Kunimoto, was interviewed during the Annual meeting for American Society of Retina Specialists (ASRS) to share an update about Aviceda's lead optimized nanoparticle (AVD-104) for treatment patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

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January 2020

Aviceda™ LinkedIn 01.10.2020

Aviceda Therapeutics Co-founder, CEO, Mohamed Genead, MD; Michael Tolentino, MD, CSO; and Derek Kunimoto, MD, COO will participate to the J.P. Morgan 38th Annual Healthcare Conference.

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Aviceda is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts with research partnership sites in San Diego, Georgia, Belfast, and Paris.