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Geographic AtrophyAVD-104

Aviceda is unlocking the proteogenomic code of AMD to target key proteins and pathways linked to macular degeneration.

Macrophage and complement activation play central roles in the progression of geographic atrophy (GA). Aviceda has high-affinity ligands that engage with macrophages to repolarize them from an activated to resting state and interact with complement to inhibit cascade amplification as well. Aviceda’s AVD-104, an optimized intravitreal glycomimetic nanoparticle, is a next generation therapeutic that aims to increase the efficacy and safety of GA treatment with its differentiated dual MOA, working further upstream by powerfully inhibiting macrophage and complement cascade amplification.

Clinical Trial information

Aviceda is actively enrolling in SIGLEC: a Phase 2 clinical trial that is evaluating the efficacy, safety, and pharmacokinetics of AVD-104 in patients with GA due to AMD.

Visit (NCT05839041) to learn more about the SIGLEC trial

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